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6 Tips to Discover Your Inner Yogi

6 Tips to Discover Your Inner Yogi

Embrace these wellness tips fresh from Wanderlust

Imagine: you’re on a gorgeous beach, overlooking a beautiful blue ocean full of gentle waves —the air is calm, the water is tranquil and the sunshine is warm. With your toes nestled in soft sand, you stand tall and take a deep breathe in through your nose, allowing the oxygen to expand into the belly before releasing a luxuriously cleansing breathe through your lips.

This simple moment of wellness—to take a deep breath of gratitude and be in the present— is one of the many things we learned from the yogis at Wanderlust, Oahu, Hawaii, a 4-day celebration of mindful living. Wanderlust welcomed us as we set up camp with the Aveda Beauty Bar and styled the strands of many wise beauties.

Here we share the words of three inspiring yogis for 6 tips to help you discover your inner yogi:

Meet TIARE THOMAS, @tiarethomas Dream Coach And Founder Of Aloha Dreamboard


                                                     Tiare takes a moment for gratitude.

Tip 1: Yoga Wisdom: Yoga can reveal a lot about where a person is in their life; their strengths and struggles. If this is something of value to you, it’s crucial to take note of the way you feel and your behavior throughout your practice. For example, if you find yourself with judgment during class, this could be a reflection of how you have been treating others and yourself every day. Practicing to be more compassionate will help you with your relationships and also with your yoga.

Tip 2: Tiare’s wellness advice: Set your wellness goals to come from a place of deep intention and purpose. This will not only help you to achieve your goals quicker, but you are more likely to enjoy the journey and feel fulfilled when you reach your goal.

Why did you start practicing? I discovered my Nana’s yoga video in high school, back when we had VHS, and I started practicing in the living room. I was drawn to the calm of the man’s voice as he spoke about Ujjayi breathing, an ancient yoga breathing technique.


Tip 3: Yoga Wisdom: For anyone who wants to get into yoga, but is afraid to try, my advice is to simply commit to trying it without feeling like you have to love it or excel at it. The thing I love about yoga is that it really is for everybody at every level, every height and every size!

Tip 4: Jaysea’s Wellness advice: Start your day with a glass of hot water with lemon. It is a great way to wake up all your organs for the day.

When did you start practicing yoga? I started practicing when I was 8 years old and four years later, I became a certified yoga instructor. Now I am 14 and I love teaching yoga to my students every week.

AUBRY MARIE, @aubrymarie, Yoga Instructor, Photographer And Blogger


Tip 5: Yoga Wisdom: There is a broad spectrum of yoga available, and I can guarantee that there is something for everyone. Once you find the right community and practice you’ll wonder why you didn’t start practicing sooner.

Tip 6: Aubry’s Wellness Tip: Consider wellness in everything you do, especially when you’re using your phone. Pay attention to your posture and keep in mind the long-term effects of looking down and rounding the spine. Alternate your position and  – dare I say it – maybe even spend a little less time using your phone.

When did you first try yoga? I went to my first yoga class at 18 and I instantly felt at home. I knew this was the community I had been seeking all my life.

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