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Green Science Skin Renewing Treatmentaveda-facial

Unique, rejuvenating manipulations enhance the high-tech plant technology of Aveda’s Green Science, clinically proven to lift and firm the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For ultimate customization, choose an area of the face for focus: Eyes, Lips, or Neck.
Treatment time: 60/90 minutes, $105/$130

Enbrightenment Discoloration Treatment

Traditional Asian massage techniques combine with a 100% naturally derived Brightening Blend to help diminish the appearance of dark spots and improve skin’s visible clarity.
Treatment time: 60/90 minutes, $90/$115

Outer Peace Acne Treatment

A botanical approach to treating acne –personalized with extractions and professional exfoliation- and utilizing Aveda’s Outer Peace Acne Relief with 100% naturally-derived Salicylic acid.
Treatment time: 60/90 minutes, $90/$115

Tourmaline Radiance Botanical Skin Resurfacing

Aveda’s botanical alternative to microdermabrasion reveals a truly radiant complexion and Smoother skin without the irritation or redness.
Treatment time: 60/90 minutes, $90/$115

Perfecting Plant Peel

Powered by plants, Aveda’s Perfecting Plant Peel system performs like a 30% glycolic peel - naturally and without the redness and irritation. The Perfecting Plant Peel can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or added on to any of our signature facial treatments.
Treatment time: 30 minutes $55
Add-on Cost $35 (add to any of our facials)

Elemental Nature Facial

The goal of our AVEDA Elemental Nature facial is to restore balance to the skin. Based on your elemental nature, your aesthetician will consult with you to design a facial treatment that includes personalized products, essential oil aromas, and specialized facial techniques. Your experience will be custom-made to fulfill your skin’s desires.
30/60/90 minutes, $50/$80/$100

Choose from the following natural elements:

  •     Infinity Nature – balances normal to dry skin conditions
  •     Air Nature – nourishes dry, dehydrated and mature skin
  •     Fire Nature – cools and soothes sensitive, irritated skin
  •     Water Nature – clarifies blemished and congested skin
  •     Earth Nature – purifies normal to oily skin conditions

Restorative Eye Therapy Add-On Treatment

Refresh and renew your eyes with an Ayurveda-inspired treatment that combines the botanical benefits of Green Science™ Line Minimizer and Firming Eye Creme to help skin boost its natural collagen production, minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Ayurvedic tradition believes these eye concerns are related to blockages in the marmas—vital energy centers in the body. This soothing, restorative experience for eyes includes our revolutionary marma eye massage to help relieve tension and visibly revitalize the skin around the eyes.
Performed as an add-on to any facial treatment $25

We also offer series pricing for facials. Please call spa for details.



Lash tinting: $30

Brow tinting: $20

Brow and lash combo $47